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Basement Fires and Training on Tactical Scenarios

Just search our blog here at Traditions Training and you’ll see how passionate we are about the hazards of basement fires. Basement fires are one of the top contributors to operations line of duty injury and deaths and like most things, we need to talk about our plan before we can expect to successfully execute it.

I was happy to get these pics from a friend this morning, a backstop firemen in Baltimore. Happy first because the topic of a battalion wide drill in the Baltimore City Fire Department was basement fire tactics. Also, this battalion training featured some of the training material from TT’s Nick Martin, as presented in several articles and at FDIC workshops.

Baltimore is no slouch on fire duty and to see them taking initiative to talk shop on basement fires with the crews on the street is both impressive and progressive. It also leaves little excuse as to why we all aren’t taking time to plan for tactical scenarios not just with the Chiefs, but also with the men on the streets. When we all know and understand the plan, we can understand better how we fit into it and ultimately execute our role more effectively.

Does your department pre plan operations for various tactical scenarios? Just another way to contribute to that “slide carousel” you may have heard us talk about….



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