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Traditions Training is headed to Pittsburgh, PA

November 3rd and 4th of 2012 , Traditions Training will be in Pittsburgh, PA. to deliver our Officer Development School for the Pittsburgh METRO FOOLS Chapter. Download the flyer for all the class information and contacts to register. We hope to see you there…

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Waving Red Flags on the Fireground in Erskine Lakes, N.J.

Traditions Training is headed back to Erskine Lakes, NJ to deliver our 8-hour “Waving Red Flags on the Fireground. This interactive session looks at past incidents and experiences where there were visual and audible clues that there may have been something wrong on the incident scene. By using these past experiences we hope to teach our students to recognize the many clues that are on the fireground, so as a company officer or chief officer they are able to identify them. And by identifying them help stop a course of action on the scene that could lead to an injury or death.

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**This week we are featuring a short run-down of each of the programs that our staff will be presenting at this year’s FDIC in Indianapolis**


Join Dan & Doug as they present an engaging and interactive presentation on the most influential unit on the fireground – The Engine Company! As firefighters, we must be able to adapt to the environment we operate in which is changing every day. Some of the practices we employed years, weeks, or days ago may not apply to the fire you encounter tomorrow. Dan & Doug will provide a review of time tested and proven strategies and tactics along with new tips, tools, tactics for the modern firefighting environment.

Modern Engine Company Essentials

Captain Dan Shaw, Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue Department & Lieutenant Douglas Mitchell, Jr., Fire Department of New York (FDNY)

While the ultimate job of getting water to the fire has not changed, building construction, fire behavior, staffing levels, and much of our equipment have. This class will teach sound tactics and techniques for preparing and operating the modern day engine company. Factual hose and nozzle data will enhance the student’s knowledge of the new tools available for the firefighting arsenal. The instructor will provide a comprehensive and definitive blueprint to hoseline/nozzle selection and deployment and discuss the tools, tips, and drills that will work best in your fire department.


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FDIC 2012: COMBAT READY Firefighting (lecture)

**This week we are featuring a short run-down of each of the programs that our staff will be presenting at this year’s FDIC in Indianapolis**

Thursday, 130p-315p – COMBAT READY Firefighting

TT’s Nick Martin will be presenting this engaging, interactive presentation on the cornerstone belief of Traditions Training – bringing a combat ready attitude and skill set to the fireground.  We’ll talk about things you can do to prepare yourself, your equipment, and your apparatus to be at the top of your game.  Full of actionable ideas that you can take back to the firehouse.

Course Description:  The objective is to motivate firefighters to recognize complacency, how it can cause errors to creep into your operations (“error creep”), and how it can snowball on the fireground and possibly lead to catastrophe. Interactive activities and multimedia presentations illustrate how and why we must combat it. Tips on attitude and readiness will be offered for the engine and truck companies, rapid intervention team, and the incident commander. Scenarios focus on near-miss fireground incidents and show how the presence or absence of a “combat-ready” mindset influenced their outcomes. You will be challenged to rethink what it means to be “ready.”


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FDIC 2012 “Red Flags on the Fireground”

Join Traditions Training instructors Larry Schultz (DCFD) and Ricky Riley (Clearwater Fire) as they present their class ” Waving Red Flags on the Fireground” This class is Monday, April 16, 2012 starting at 0800 hours. Please sign up and meet us for some early morning training in Indy.
At many incidents, all the signs and sounds are there for the firefighters and incident commanders to predict that an emergency or injury is about to happen. This class will set a foundation for companies to have a plan in place to take away some of these issues and problems. Learn how these firefights can be successful through the model of an SOP-driven fire where tactical assignments are already preplanned and assigned to companies prior to the fire happening, thus reducing the unknowns and frantic calls on the radio. This approach will teach you to be proactive and not reactive to problems as they arise on the fireground. But with every plan there are issues that can arise, and the IC and company officers should be prepared to react and have the ability to accomplish tasks without delay. Stop actions that will make us wave these flags.

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FDIC 2012: Truck Company Essentials HOT

**This week we are featuring a short run-down of each of the programs that our staff will be presenting at this year’s FDIC in Indianapolis**

Monday & Tuesday 8a-5p (two sessions available) – Truck Company: Essentials

TT’s Nick Martin, Dan Troxell, and Dan Doyle will be working with our good friend Mike Ciampo to present this dynamic 8-hour hands-on day of street smart truck company skills.  We have great plans involving forcible entry, ventilation, saw work, overhaul, ladders and more.  These HOT programs fill QUICK and have limited room – so make sure you sign-up!

Course Description:  Students will rotate through a series of stations to get a “taste” of truck company operations in this interactive class. At the Forcible Entry station, each student will learn how to force inward- and outward-opening doors and how to cut simulated window bars and rolldown gates. At the Ladders station, they will learn portable ladder operations that include new leg lock maneuvers and perform simulated rescues and removals. At the Ventilation station, they will perform horizontal and vertical ventilation on the acquired structures. At the Search station, they will conduct primary search, vent-enter-search tactics, and overhaul when searching for fire extension.


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Saturday March 10, 2012 – Sunday March 11, 2012

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Traditions Training Presents:

Modern Rapid Intervention Essentials


with a tactical twist will allow you to

“Manage the Mayday with a Real World Skill set!”

Topics and group skill stations include:

Constructing & Deploying the Initial RIT

A principal concern of any RIT deployment is the ability to locate the downed firefighter. This station will focus on several search methods specifically oriented to downed firefighters utilizing a “two-team” approach. Use of a search-rope system for this purpose is also included. Members will overcome challenges to locate the downed firefighter utilizing the search rope as an orientation means as well as a method to identify the downed firefighter’s location for assisting teams.

Packaging & Moving the Downed Firefighter

 Students will practice packaging a downed firefighter. Methods will cover the pro’s & con’s of various methods including “DRD” (in coat) devices, the SCBA, webbing, etc. Techniques for moving the downed firefighter will also be covered, including negotiating obstacles and stairs.

 Downed Firefighter Air / SCBA Emergencies

Keeping a downed firefighter on air during extrication and critical is a life-or-death matter. This station will teach students to systematically assess a downed firefighter’s SCBA status to identify and correct problems. This includes correction of face-mask emergencies, mechanical malfunctions, and low/out-of-air scenarios. Buddy- breathing will also be included, along with the 3 tiered rule of air change over.

“Out Side the Box” Removal Techniques

Downed firefighter removal from basement windows, upper floors, and roofs using basic equipment found on every firground or even in your pockets!

Real World Scenarios

 The class will conclude with these evolutions that will last 3 hours. Armed with the skills and knowledge gained in the above stations, students will be broken in to teams of 4-6 firefighters and assigned as the RIT at a mock incident. Amidst distractions, obstacles, and other challenges students will be challenged to resolve a realistic RIT scenario. These scenarios will challenge their new and existing skills as well as their teamwork, communication ability, and problem solving under stress.

Click for a Downloadable Flyer

March 10th & 11th, 2012

Hosted By: Lionville Fire Company – Lionville, PA (Philly area)

Registration: $250.00


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New Class from Traditions Training

Please save October 29th, 2011 on your calendar to attend a new class from Traditions Training. “Waving Red Flags on the Fireground” will be presented at the Claymont Fire Department in Claymont, DE.
This class is being presented by Chief Larry Schultz, DCFD (ret.) and Ricky Riley, Clearwater Fire and Kentland VFD.
This interactive class will assist all officers and firefighters with identifying certain red flags that we all need to recognize on the fireground and on the radio. We will also assist you in setting up your department and command post for success on the scene.
We will publish more details in the future and open registration on our website at www.traditionstraining.com.

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Traditions Training is Heading West…

Traditions Training is headed West next month. Ricky and Nick are headed out to Witchita,KS to help instruct at the annual Witchita HOT Classes. We will be lecturing on our trademark class “Combat Ready” and then a full day of hands-on with our Forcible Entry Academy. Please go to WitchitaHot.com for details, the dates are September 16 through the 18th of this year. This group of dedicated firefighters are very passionate about training. We will be there with a large group of fellow FDIC instructors and our Brothers from P.L. Vulcan Training Group. So come visit out there, I can guarantee that the group from Witchita will show you a good time in the evenings and they will have great training sessions during the day.

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Traditions Training, LLC had another great month in February 2011.  We conducted several extremely successful hands on and lecture programs.  We had instructors write articles in this months editions of Urban Firefighter and Fire Engineering Magazines.  All the while, we continued to publish new tips/tricks on our blogs and Facebook pages…

March is now upon us and Fire Engineering’s FDIC (Fire Departments Instructor Conference) is less than 3 weeks away.  Our instructors have been tirelessly polishing their presentations and the Traditions Training, LLC staff is set to be entrenched there for most of the week!   If you are going to be at FDIC, come out to take a listen to what you have been reading here on our FB page and Blog, you will not be disappointed!  We are certainly privileged to be presenting several times throughout the week on various fireground topics.

Keep up with TT’s facebook page, as we will be trying to attend various social events throughout the week!  Let us know where you are going to be, we would love to join in sharing the great Tradition’s of our profession at FDIC!


Monday, March 21, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

4-Hour Workshop:

Basement Fires
Firefighter Nicholas A. Martin, District of Columbia Fire Department
Basement fires are among the most hazardous incidents that you respond to, primarily because of delayed recognition and limited access. This workshop will discuss techniques for size-up and attack of basement fires, including considerations for the truck company, engine company, and incident commander. Learn about the hazards, size-up techniques to improve early recognition of the fire’s actual location, various methods of fire attack, the construction and contents of typical basements with the corresponding effects on fire behavior, structural stability, and tactical options.


Monday, March 21, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

8-Hour Workshops:

25 to Survive: Residential Building Fires
Captain Daniel D. Shaw, Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue; and Lieutenant Douglas J. Mitchell Jr., Fire Department of New York
More firefighters are seriously injured and killed while operating at residential building fires than at other building fires. This dynamic and interactive program will address 25 critical firefighting issues common to the residential building. The program will discuss the areas of preparation, response, and operations, all vital to successfully mitigating the event. Students will learn “street-smart” tips, tactics, and practical company drills to remedy the common errors encountered and allow the student to bring back more than just what they heard.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011
10:30 AM-12:15 PM

Modern Engine Company Essentials
Captain Dan Shaw, Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue & Lieutenant Douglas J. Mitchell Jr., Fire Department of New York
This interactive program discusses the most vital unit on the fireground, the engine company. Learn how changes in building construction, staffing levels, and new equipment have affected the job of getting water to the fire. Students will learn sound tactics and techniques for preparing and operating the modern-day engine company.
Room 134-135


Friday, March 25, 2011
8:30 AM-10:15 AM

Effective Use of Tower Ladders in Tactical Operations
Firefighter Nicholas A. Martin, District of Columbia Fire Department
Proper use of tower ladders in various fireground scenarios is presented. Topics include proper placement and deployment of aerial apparatus; integrating the aerial into the fireground effectively; and using the aerial in various scenarios such as gaining access, rescues, using elevated master streams, and performing technical rescue. Rear-mount and midmount devices and “ladder tower” vs. “tower ladder” are also discussed.
Room 238-239


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