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Officer School in San Marcos, Texas

Traditions Training is bringing our 16-hour “Officer School” to San Marcos, Texas. October 11th and 12th, 2012 we have been invited to teach by the San Marcos Professional Firefighters Association. Our program brings a review of leadership challenges and principles along with a review of breaking down incidents into manageable parts for the company officer and the command officer. By reviewing incidents we look at failures and successes of different departments and personnel. We then provide plans for both officers to develop good habits and practices for their own department incidents. This interactive and engaging program will hopefully make you and your department better when faced with the challenges of todays fireground.

You can go to the San Marcos Professional Firefighters website to register

San Marcos, TX Officer School Download the brochure…

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FDIC 2012: 25 TO SURVIVE (Lecture)

**This week we are featuring a short run-down of each of the programs that our staff will be presenting at this year’s FDIC in Indianapolis**

Tuesday (Pre-Conf Workshop, 130p-530p) – 25 to Survive

25 to Survive

TT’s Lt. Mitchell and Capt. Shaw will co-present thier flagship program, 25 to Survive:  The Residential Building Fire.  This program highlights 25 critical areas that present themselves to operating forces at the number one fireground killer of civilians and firefighters alike.  They will present this engaging, interactive presentation will focus on pre-incident, operations and post incident operations.  They will give you street smart tips and take home drills to make yourself and your fire company better prepared at the next residential fire you respond to.  

Lieutenant Douglas J.Mitchell Jr., Fire Department of New York and Captain Daniel D. Shaw, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue:

Course Summary:  More firefighters are seriously injured and killed while operating at residential building fires than at any other fire we encounter. This dynamic and interactive lecture program will address 25 critical firefighting errors and issues common to the residential building. Learn sound tips and take home practical drills to address and correct errors at residential fires. Topics include combat-ready attitude, leadership techniques, SCBA confidence, overcoming building construction features (setbacks, long stretches), communication failures on the fireground, developing and delivering sound and accurate on-scene reports, coordinated ventilation, and more.


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**This week we are featuring a short run-down of each of the programs that our staff will be presenting at this year’s FDIC in Indianapolis**


Join Dan & Doug as they present an engaging and interactive presentation on the most influential unit on the fireground – The Engine Company! As firefighters, we must be able to adapt to the environment we operate in which is changing every day. Some of the practices we employed years, weeks, or days ago may not apply to the fire you encounter tomorrow. Dan & Doug will provide a review of time tested and proven strategies and tactics along with new tips, tools, tactics for the modern firefighting environment.

Modern Engine Company Essentials

Captain Dan Shaw, Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue Department & Lieutenant Douglas Mitchell, Jr., Fire Department of New York (FDNY)

While the ultimate job of getting water to the fire has not changed, building construction, fire behavior, staffing levels, and much of our equipment have. This class will teach sound tactics and techniques for preparing and operating the modern day engine company. Factual hose and nozzle data will enhance the student’s knowledge of the new tools available for the firefighting arsenal. The instructor will provide a comprehensive and definitive blueprint to hoseline/nozzle selection and deployment and discuss the tools, tips, and drills that will work best in your fire department.


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Christiana / Claymont Fire Officer School

Saturday March 10, 2012 – Sunday March 11, 2012

3601 N. Dupont Highway

View MapMap and Directions | Register


Join the Christiana & Claymont Fire Companies, of New Castle County, Delaware as they proudly announce:  “Fire Officer School” presented by Traditions Training LLC.  This 16 hour two-day interactive lecture program is designed to prepare young and experienced fire officers alike; the trials and tribulations that company and command officers face on a daily basis.  Through the use of personal experiences, sharing good habits, and reviewing past incidents students will learn leadership, decision making and the discussion of tactical objectives.  Join experienced Fire Officers from the Kentland VFD, District of Columbia Fire Department and Clearwater Fire Department.  Do not wait, register today.  There are only 15 seats available for this program!


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Enrollment Open: Forcible Entry Academy in Lancaster, PA – 3/20 & 3/21

8-hours of high-intensity, hands-on, real-world forcible entry skills!

DSC04350Searching for victims, getting a line on a fire – all require that we first get inside!  Join our experienced instructors for 8-hours of essential information for getting YOU though the door.  Firefighters must practice forcible entry to polish their technique.  Each attendee will force doors MULTIPLE times to gain this needed experience using their existing and newly acquired skills.

This 8-hour hands-on program is highly-interactive and dynamic, focusing on giving you multiple options – using different tools, techniques, with or without a partner. Never find yourself out of ideas at the door again!


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