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Advanced Level Rapid Intervention

This 16-hour class is designed for firefighters with “moderate” level experience in rapid intervention techniques and firefighter survival. The goal is to update the student on issues and techniques related to rapid intervention. The first day is designed to provide the student with some “street-smart” theories and techniques on rapid intervention and to prepare the students for day two. The second day is dedicated entirely to rapid intervention scenarios of increasing difficulty. These are designed to challenge the student’s mind, teamwork, and skills.

survivalThis course will challenge the student with advanced RIT scenarios requiring excellent teamwork and ingenuity. We will review skills for “specific” scenarios such as:

  • FF thru / stuck in the floor.
  • Removing FF out an upper floor via windows.
  • Limited space evolutions.
  • Multiple downed FF’s.

To insure that students are successful and prepared for this class, it is recommended that prior to this class, students have “operational-level” RIT training or experience including knowledge of:

  • History of & Need for RIT
  • RIT-Related Equipment
  • Basic RIT deployment skills (locating the downed FF)
  • Basic Skills for Moving the Downed Firefighter
  • Basic SCBA problem resolution skills

During practical exercises there will be a minimum of one instructor for every ten (10) students. Students will work in rotating groups of approximately ten (10) each. Class will include approximately four (4) hours of classroom and twelve (12) hours of practical training. The practical training is designed to occur in an acquired structure to facilitate the creation of challenging, “real-world” scenarios.

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