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Firefighter Survival

This class is designed as an introductory program in firefighter survival and self-rescue. Students will attain knowledge and techniques that will enhance their ability to “self-rescue” in response to a variety of fireground emergency situations. Emphasis will be on recognition and prevention of dangerous situations. Students will have the opportunity to practice a variety of survival and self-rescue techniques under simulated conditions. At the completion of the class, students will be able to:

  • Recognize warning signs of various hazardous situations and take preventative measures.
  • Utilize built in features of the department’s SCBA as well as additional techniques to overcome air-related emergencies.
  • Evacuate untenable conditions using various techniques.
  • Take emergency shelter measures.
  • Transmit a MAYDAY and recognize when to call one.
  • Function as a team-member in difficult situations.

Class will consist of 16-hours of instruction, of which approximately four (4) hours are classroom and the remaining twelve (12) hours are “hands-on”. Classroom discussion will focus on several case studies as well as the recognition and prevention of hazardous situations. During the practical evolutions, students will receive instruction in various “self-rescue” techniques and have ample opportunity to practice those skills.

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