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Truck Company Operations

dsc04228Truck companies are tasked with a wide number and variety of tasks at a structural fire, all of which are essential to a successful outcome. Yet at many firegrounds there are a limited number of truck companies – or none at all… “Truck work” is about the skills, not the vehicle. Even if you operate with no “ladder truck”, the truck-related tasks still must be performed. This 16-hour class is appropriate for departments with or without aerial apparatus.

This course is designed to provide firefighters with the knowledge and skills to operate as effectively as a possible during ladder company operations. This includes accomplishing multiple tasks, in multiple locations, simultaneously and safely. Firefighters of all experience-levels will benefit because the material is based upon “street-proven” best practices.

  • Capabilities of Aerial Apparatus
  • Apparatus Positioning & Placement
  • The “Two-Team” Ladder Company
  • Ladder Company Riding Positions & Assignments
  • Basic & Advanced Forcible Entry
  • Rooftop & Horizontal Ventilation
  • Street-Smart Portable Ladders
  • Search & Victim Removal Techniques
  • Techniques & Indications for “Vent-Enter-Search”

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