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FDIC 2012: Truck Company Essentials HOT

**This week we are featuring a short run-down of each of the programs that our staff will be presenting at this year’s FDIC in Indianapolis**

Monday & Tuesday 8a-5p (two sessions available) – Truck Company: Essentials

TT’s Nick Martin, Dan Troxell, and Dan Doyle will be working with our good friend Mike Ciampo to present this dynamic 8-hour hands-on day of street smart truck company skills.  We have great plans involving forcible entry, ventilation, saw work, overhaul, ladders and more.  These HOT programs fill QUICK and have limited room – so make sure you sign-up!

Course Description:  Students will rotate through a series of stations to get a “taste” of truck company operations in this interactive class. At the Forcible Entry station, each student will learn how to force inward- and outward-opening doors and how to cut simulated window bars and rolldown gates. At the Ladders station, they will learn portable ladder operations that include new leg lock maneuvers and perform simulated rescues and removals. At the Ventilation station, they will perform horizontal and vertical ventilation on the acquired structures. At the Search station, they will conduct primary search, vent-enter-search tactics, and overhaul when searching for fire extension.


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