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Enrollment Open: Forcible Entry Academy in Lancaster, PA – 3/20 & 3/21

8-hours of high-intensity, hands-on, real-world forcible entry skills!

DSC04350Searching for victims, getting a line on a fire – all require that we first get inside!  Join our experienced instructors for 8-hours of essential information for getting YOU though the door.  Firefighters must practice forcible entry to polish their technique.  Each attendee will force doors MULTIPLE times to gain this needed experience using their existing and newly acquired skills.

This 8-hour hands-on program is highly-interactive and dynamic, focusing on giving you multiple options – using different tools, techniques, with or without a partner. Never find yourself out of ideas at the door again!

  • Conventional Forcible Entry. No more just watching the other guy!  Each student will have multiple chances to try every technique for a real-world, hands-on experience.
  • Multiple techniques, multiple tools. Learn the pro’s and con’s of the tools in your arsenal.  We will show you multiple techniques for:
    • Inward & outward opening doors.
    • Size-up & tool selection.
    • Single and two firefighter techniques.
    • In-house tool modifications YOU can do.
    • What to do when “Plan A” fails.
  • Through-the-lock techniques.  Each student will learn the anatomy of various locks and how to manipulate them with simple tools and techniques.  On high-security locks, this may be your only way in!
  • Roll-down gates and security bars. Our experienced staff will discuss the construction and weaknesses of high-security devices.  Using realistic training props, students will cut and force actual roll-down gates, locks, and security bars using various methods.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010 or Sunday March 21, 2010

To accommodate demand, we are offering the program twice – Saturday and Sunday.  To insure individual participation, enrollment is limited to 40 students per day – REGISTER EARLY!

Class Location:  Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, 1 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA

Enrollment: $160.00 per student.  Department Purchase orders are accepted, e-mail info@traditionstraining.com.

Register for Saturday, March 20, 2010:
Satrurday’s class has filled up!
Register for Sunday, March 21, 2010:

Sunday’s class has filled up!
Are you interested in hosting this program at your Department or Academy? Contact us!
**Registration non-refundable after 2/15/10.

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