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Lieutenant Andre Kelley – Lancaster City, PA.

10404244_799163240119856_2380817981147632786_nIn almost every class that Traditions Training presents, we play the audio from Lancaster City, PA. of the MAYDAY by Lt. Andre Kelley of Engine 3. We use this as a training tool and to make firefighters aware of this near tragedy as it played out that fateful night. We expect all of our students to learn from the incident, study the incident and to better themselves and their department from this incident. And we prayed that Lt. Andre Kelley would make it back to work, today the Lancaster Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 319 posted the story of Lt. Kelley’s return to work for the City as an Assistant Fire Marshal. All of the Traditions Training Staff would like to wish Lt. Kelley a welcome back to the job and wish him well on his continued rehab so he can return to the seat of Engine 3.


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