The Staff

Ricky Riley
Division Chief of Operations, Clearwater Fire Department

Ricky Riley is currently the Division Chief of Operations for the Clearwater Fire & Rescue. Chief Riley previously served as the Chief of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County, MD from 1999 to 2005.

He began his fire service career in Ocean City, MD in 1979 and moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 1983 to become a career firefighter in Fairfax County, VA. He served most of his career with that department at the Bailey’s Crossroads Station, consistently one of the busiest stations in that department, before his retirement in 2005.


Nicholas Martin
Battalion Chief of Training, Columbia Fire Department

2013-03-14 04.27.58Nick began his fire service career in 1994 as a volunteer in his hometown located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Since then he has served as a career/volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. He holds a bachelors degree in fire science from the University of Maryland and a masters degree in management from the Public Safety Executive Leadership program at the Johns Hopkins University.

Nick is presently a Battalion Chief and the Chief of Training with the Columbia Fire Department in the capitol city of South Carolina.  He served previously  with the District of Columbia Fire Department through the ranks of private, sergeant and lieutenant where he served on engine company, truck/tower companies, and as a battalion aide.  As a firefighter with the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department  he earned  a Medal of Valor from Firehouse Magazine, as well as a Silver Medal for Valor from the Prince George’ County Fire Department. Nick is also an author for Fire Engineering magazine, Urban Firefighter magazine & presents regularly at FDIC.


Dan Shaw
Captain, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department

Dan Shaw is a Captain with the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department currently assigned to Engine 408 in the Annandale neighborhood. Dan joined the Fire Service in 1992 and has served in various ranks. Dan started his Fire Service career as a volunteer in Howard County, MD before his appointment with the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department in 1995. During his tenure in Fairfax he has been the Apparatus Technician of the busiest Engine in Fairfax, a Lieutenant assigned to a Tower Ladder, and the Command Aide to the Deputy Fire Chief of Operations, and a Captain on an Engine Company.

Dan has an Associates Degree in Fire Service Supervision, a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and is a graduate of the West Point Leadership Program. Dan currently serves on NFPA 1400 Technical Committee for Fire Service Training, He is also an editorial contributor for Fire Engineering Magazine and has taught various programs at FDIC East, FDIC Indy, & Firehouse Expo.


Doug Mitchell
Lieutenant, Fire Department of New York


Doug is a Lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department.  With his Dad (ret.) and brother on the job, it is indeed ‘family.’ In 1992 he began his firefighting in a career/volunteer dept. in Howard County, MD.  He worked for Fairfax County, Va. Fire & Rescue assigned to E-13 and Rescue 401 from 1995-1999.  Returning home to the FDNY, Doug was a Fireman in Manhattan, a Fire Marshal in Queens, and now a covering Lieutenant in the Bronx.

He holds a bachelors degree in emergency health services from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and is attending John Jay College, pursuing a master’s degree in Protection Management.


Dan Doyle
Firefighter, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

dan-hermitage-fireDan was raised in the fire service by his Grandfather as a volunteer in Monroeville, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh.His career began in 1994 working for the Swissvale Fire Department as a Firefighter/Driver.

In early 1999, he was hired by the Fairfax County VA Fire & Rescue Department.During his Seven years in Fairfax he worked at Engine and Truck 410 in Baileys Crossroads, the County’s busiest firehouse.

In 2006, Dan started with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire and now works in the Third District, Engine and Truck 8 in the East Liberty section of the city.Dan believes in a very realistic and innovative “Street Smart” approach both on the job and in the classroom.


Scott Kraut
Technician, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department


Scott is currently assigned as a Lieutenant on the Tower Ladder at Company 40.  Prior to this assignment he held a three-year position at the Training Academy where he was responsible for and in charge of training the 1400 career and volunteer field personnel.

As an experienced instructor, Scott has a unique way of teaching and a true passion for firefighter safety and survival and RIT operations.  Scott is a graduate of the West Point Leadership program and strives to develop leadership qualities in all aspects of training from firefighter to Battalion Chief.


Joe Brown

, District of Columbia Fire Department

me-closeJoe is currently a Tillerman (Technician) at Truck Company 17 in the District of Columbia, one of the City’s busiest Truck Companies.  He is also the Tower Ladder Captain at Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in Prince Georges County, Maryland and holds a Bachelors Degree in Resource Management from Shepherd University.

Joe began his fire service career at age 17 in Montgomery County, Md as a volunteer were he gained valuable experience in the rural, manpower challenged aspects of the fire service. His experiences in DC and Kentland have led to a driving passion for a productive, results driven fire service. Joe feels very strongly about learning and teaching the basic firefighting skills that, more often than not, dictate the overall positive outcome on the fire ground.


Tony Kelleher
Chief, Kentland Volunteer Fire Department

tony_kelleherTony “T2” Kelleher has been a fireman for 14 years. He is currently the Chief of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County, Md and a technician (driver) with the DCFD assigned to Engine Co. 4. Previously he served as a Career Firefighter, Technician and Lieutenant in Virginia with Loudoun County Fire-Rescue. With this diverse array of field experiences, he brings knowledge to students from all aspects of operations; ranging from volunteer to career and urban to rural.

From youth, his ambition was to become a fireman. In his desire to learn, he has spent most of his life gathering knowledge and experience from many great firemen. Some of his biggest lessons learned are: the street smart approach, outside the box thinking, and upholding the pride and valuable traditions within our unique culture.


Dan Troxell
Captain, District of Columbia Fire Department

Daniel M. Troxell, a 36 year veteran of the fire service, is a captain in the Washington, D.C. Fire Department. He began his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter with both the Ft. Washington and Edge Hill Fire Companies in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He served as a volunteer and career firefighter in Prince Georges County, Maryland, starting as a volunteer with the College Park VFD. A Pro Board Certified Level III instructor, he serves as an adjunct instructor with the DCFD Training Academy, and has developed and instructed courses for in-service company training as well as for probationary firefighter training.

He has written several articles for Fire Engineering Magazine, as well as articles for and, and has served as a classrom and HOT instructor at the FDIC.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Protection Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Applied Management, both from the University of Maryland at College Park.


Ron Kemp
Lieutenant, District of Columbia Fire Department

Ron has been with the DCFD since 1991. He is currently assigned to Rescue Squad No.1 in D.C.’s Chinatown neighborhood. Ron’s previous assignments include E27, E6, & RS1 as a Fireman, the Special Operations Battalion and RS3 as a Sergeant, and E27 as a Lieutenant.

Prior to working for the DCFD, Ron was a volunteer with the Kentland V.F.D. in Landover, Maryland.

Ron served one tour of active duty with the U.S.M.C. from 1983 to 1987 as a Hawk Missile Operator in Bravo Battery, 2nd LAAM Battalion.


Roger Steger
Firefighter, Baltimore City Fire Department

Roger is currently a firefighter with the Baltimore City Fire Department, assigned to Engine Co. 8 and is also the Deputy Fire Chief of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department Co. 33.

Roger began his fire service career at age 15 as a cadet member of the Ocean City (Md) Volunteer Fire Company. In 1999, Roger moved to Prince George’s County and then became a career firefighter with Howard County Fire & Rescue.

He served six years with HCFR in their Savage (Co. 6) and Columbia (Tower 10 & Engine 9) stations. In 2006, Roger changed his career to the City of Baltimore.


Curtis Patterson
Rescue Lieutenant, Kentland Fire Department

Curtis Patterson

Curtis has been a fireman since 1998.  He is currently the Rescue Lieutenant of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County, MD and a fireman assigned to Rescue Squad No. 3 with the District of Columbia Fire Department.

Following his childhood dream he became a volunteer fireman in Prince George’s County, MD. In 2002, Curtis followed in his father’s footsteps, being hired by the Arlington County Fire Department, VA and held assignments with Engine 1, Tower 4 and Rescue 4. In 2007, he was hired by the District of Columbia Fire Department and has held assignments with busy engine and truck companies before his assignment to Rescue 3.


Donald Wedding
Firefighter, Fredericksburg Fire Department

Donald Wedding

Donnie is a fourth generation firefighter following in the footsteps of his Grandfather, Father, and older Brother.

He began his fire service career as a volunteer at the age of 15 in Stafford County, Virginia. After the closure of Vint Hill Farms Station (Company #20/40), he served 4 years w/ Spotsylvania County Fire/Rescue (Virginia), assigned to the “Rt. 3 Corridor.”

Donnie also served a short time with the District of Columbia/DCFD assigned to Engine Company #24 before moving his career closer to home. He is currently a senior firefighter with the City of Fredericksburg Fire Dept. in Virginia, assigned to the “Downtown” area.


James Ellis
Lieutenant, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

Jim Ellis

Appointed to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire in 1999, Jim is currently assigned as a Lieutenant at Engine Company #8 A-Line in the city’s East Liberty neighborhood. Previous assignments include Engine Company 17, Truck Company 14, Engine & Truck Company 8.

Jim started his career in the fire service in 1990 as a 4th generation family member with the Adams Area Fire District.  Prior to his appointment to PBF Jim worked for the Wilkinsburg Fire Department for 3 years, WFD is now PBF Engine Co. 16.

Jim also currently serves in the Air National Guard as Fire Chief with the 171st ARW PAANG. He enjoys taking, teaching, and talking about common sense operations regarding structural fire suppression.


Larry Schultz
Captain, Bowie Fire Department

Larry Schultz

Larry has 30 years experience as a firefighter and has worked with the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services for 26 years.  He recently retired, spending his last four years as the Assistant Fire Chief of Operations and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the 2200 person department.

Larry is currently the Station Captain with Bowie Volunteer Fire Department in Prince Georges County Maryland and a Firefighter/EMT with the Intercourse Fire Company in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. These opportunities have provide a broad based set of experiences in urban, suburban, rural, career, combination and volunteer fire service leadership, strategies and tactics and Incident Command. Chief Schultz has an AA Degree in Fire Science and serves as an Incident Commander and Operations Section Chief on the National Capital Region Incident Management Team.


Gordon Davis
Firefighter, Wilmington Fire Department

Gordon Davis

Gordon is a 21 year fire service veteran from Delaware currently working for the past 9 years in the City of Wilmington, Fire Department. He is presently assigned to Squad 3 in Northeast. Gordon has spent most of his time at Rescue 1 and Squad 3 in the special operations division.

Gordon began his fire service career as a volunteer in Lewes, Delaware serving as a fire officer for 14 years including 4 years as the fire chief. He is a nationally certified Fire Officer IV, Fire Instructor II, & Rescue Technician.  Gordon has been teaching with Traditions Training for 2 years specializing in the Truck Company Operations & RIT programs.