Training Resources

Resources from Traditions Training’s Instructors

ISFSI “The Voice”, Interview with Nicholas Martin – Steve Pegram of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors talks with Nicholas Martin of Traditions Training about internet resources instructors can use to enhance their fire service training programs.

Hydraulics vs. Halligans: Choosing the Appropriate Forcible Entry Method – A Fire Engineering article by Nicholas Martin focusing on choosing the appropriate forcible entry tools and methods, with pictures.

Fire Below! The Importance of the ‘Basement Check’ – A article by Nicholas Martin on the importance of checking conditions in the basement early at any incident.

“How-to” on Purchasing Forcible Entry Tools – A product buying guide written for on considerations for properly selecting forcible entry equipment when it’s purchasing time, written by Nicholas Martin.

Positioning Aerial Apparatus When You’re Not First-Due – A Fire Engineering article written by Nicholas Martin on the importance of proper placement for all aerial apparatus, even those arriving later.  Discusses the challenges and solutions.

Image is Everything – Dan Shaw’s article in Fire Engineering about the history and perception of RIT.

Firefighter Emergency Egress Test Using Hi-Impact Wallboard – An excellent study on the impact of this new construction material on wall breaching, also by Dan Shaw.

Traditions Training’s YouTube Page – Videos from our classes, training tip videos, and our favorites from others…

Other Internet Resources

Firefighter Fatality Retrospective Study:  Very informative and detailed information about how, when, and where we have been dying over the past few years.

Technician Kyle Wilson LODD Report:  ALOT can be learned from reviewing the contributing factors (staffing and initial company operations) and incident management of this unfortunate line of duty death.

FDNY “Ladders 3”: New York City’s truck company bible.

FDNY Multiple Dwellings Manual

FDNY Forcible Entry ManualAn EXCELLENT resource on forcible entry techniques, including those that other text’s don’t even mention…

FDNY Black Sunday Radio Transcripts – The tragic, but educational, radio transcripts from the 2005 fire that killed two and critically injured four.

Charleston NIOSH ReportImportant recommendations from the deaths of 9 firefighters killed in a large sofa store.

Forcible Entry for Fox Locks – With good pictures and explanations on how these devices work and how they can best be overcome.

Forcible Entry for Roll Down Security Gates – Another good reference with pictures and explanations on forcing roll down security doors and gates.

Vacant Property Security (VPS) Systems – This commercial means of “boarding up” vacants has become popular and presents challenges way beyond that of typical HUD methods.  An excellent presentation put together by friends of ours in the Baltimore City Fire Department.

Vintage FDNY Pictures – If you need any inspiration about the tradition of “the job”, look no further…